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Light Beam Generator

As we surround ourselves with toxic elements in our air, food, and water, proteins clump together and bond electrically with water; thus our lymphatic system becomes unbalanced and overburdened. This results in pain and inflammation that contribute to various chronic degenerative diseases.


The LBG assists in restoring thenatural polarity of our electromagnetic signature, which is essential for optimum immune response. The LBG:

  • Uses specific frequencies known to influence the energetic pattern of virus, fungus, and bacteria are to inhibit their development in cells that are stagnant
  • Helps with the removal from the interstitial space of unnatural additives in our food, including steroids that mimic hormones and attach to proteins
  • Aids in proper lymphatic drainage -- rapid movement of waste material within the cells can occur, which greatly increases the delivery of waste material to the organs responsible for body waste disposal
  • Helps bring stagnant lymph pathways to life, building an immunological barrier to disease
  • Uses SpectraSweep™ technology, complementing the electromagnetic field to bring the body into a tranquil state, which can be felt even during the first use

Lymphatic detoxification enhances the body’s healing process by re-establishing lymphatic circulation throughout the body. The LBG with TeslarTech assists the lymphatic system in functioning properly, creating a less toxic milieu and helping to resolve many issues associated with the lack of long-term health and beauty.

How the LBG with TeslarTech works

Radio Frequency technology excites specially formulated noble gases contained within the heads of the LBG, generating a quantum of electromagnetic energy ... a photon. This photon is a particle of light, an energy packet. Tesla Free Standing Wave Coil (Scalar) technology then generates fast rise time waveforms that integrate with our electromagnetic field creating a scalar moment — a mechanism for data and energy.

Through a mirroring technology, the photons couple to match a quantum event, an envelope generated from energy produced by the scalar waves. This quantum envelope acts as a carrier for the coupled photons enabling them to travel an omni-directional path coupling with the body. Frequency data and energy are then driven into the body’s electromagnetic field.

The latest innovation of TeslarTech, SpectraSweep™ technology, creates a harmonic sweep of frequencies capable of quickly targeting the blueprint. The released energy assists the cells’ electrical potential for balancing, helping to restore the natural polarity of our cells’ electromagnetic signature.